Welcome to Bouganvillas!

Bouganvillas are a group of lovely houses, ran by the family Zonderman for over 20 years. We are situated in the small fishing village Burgau. Burgau is a little special spot for some...for so many. There is still that unique carisma, what it is known for the last 40 years. Lovely, gracious and always with a story to tell or a sweet fulfilled 'Bom Dia' to give. 


And who makes it? – It´s them the Burgau People!


Burgau is located in the Algarve, by the sea – on the beach. Between Lagos and Sagres, on the most southwest point of Europe. Some say where the world ends, some say where it starts. There are the most beautiful beaches that you have ever dreamed of – untouched nature, because Burgau is situated in a nature reserve called Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina. You can surf all the west coast. 


We have 1 bedroom- , 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom houses. Each of them has a private terrace and housekeeping included. There´s a shared pool site, the beach is a 2 minute walk from the houses and we offer magical sea views. 


All the houses are fully equipped with everything you need for your holiday. They´re beautifully furnished and each house has its own kitchen and bathroom. Everything is cosy and we keep it super clean!


Free TV and WIFI is included.


The Village

In the village you can find all what you need! For your convenience there are small supermarkets, a bakery, restaurants, cafés, bars, little souvenir shops, a beauty massage room, all the newspapers, a sport center, a surf school and golf courses are nearby. Every morning fresh fish is delivered - if you're craving some!


Transfer options:

It's easy to rent a car, with it everything is reachable within 15 minutes.

Also there are Bus Stops and Taxis for public transportation.


The FARO AEROPORT is about 60 minutes by car.